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Cassia North Coast

Coastal residential project

North Coast, Egypt

The design of Cassia North Coast project is characteristic of its aesthetic quality and deeply grounded conceptual integration of the surrounding natural environment. The project redefines the concept of coastal residential projects in Egypt and defeats the current obstacles of architectural rigidity, traditionalism and strict client budgets. Inspired by the wind rock erosion process, Cassia project is the first design in the country to approach designing with bio-mimicry. Expressing the beauty of the desert, the formalistic adaptation of the outlines of nature is consciously reinvented to suit the project's core functional recommendations.
In a site that is naturally positioned significantly lower than street and sea levels, maximizing visual connection with the sea and creating an inner relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere is a challenge of its own. Residential accommodations designed on 10 levels height effectively provide four upper floors a splendid view to the sea. The provision of amenities and creation of activities on the building roofs such green spaces and pools make full use of the unique unobstructed sea upper scenery. An aqua park, restaurants, shopping facilities and a series of pools complements the building aesthetics in creating a unique vibrant environment and community. An attempt to effectively manage environmental resources and reduce energy use is achieved through providing almost complete shading on the project buildings' vertical envelopes by floor coverage of terraces and outer glazing, as well as the use of green roofs as thermal insulators.

Conceptual Design - Individual

Post-Concept - Architecture Team


Dimensions International

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